A Message From Our CEO

You may have heard the news circulating and we want to give you the facts: 

We're reducing our debt so that we can reinvest in broader global eCommerce, innovative product initiatives, and smarter retail strategies.

The current retail landscape is shifting, and True Religion is taking action. We’ve been in the denim game for fifteen years, and we recognize that it’s time to grow and evolve. Just like everyone else, we have aspirations and dreams for the future. We are a dedicated team, focused on looking ahead and moving forward with a fresh perspective.  

We want you to know that we see every post, read every comment and we’re taking it in; where others see negativity and uncertainty, we see opportunity and a chance to improve.  We’re committed to rolling up our sleeves and forging a new path, influencing denim culture the way we did when we started. 

So, don’t count us out, we’re not going anywhere.

Tell us what you want to see, what you want to wear, and how you’re feeling; now is your chance to shape the brand for the future.

For the next sixty days you’ll have the chance to email thenewtrue@truereligion.com with your thoughts and ideas so that we can move forward together.

- John Ermatinger