Go Figure: Dare to Feel Empowered

Go Figure is all about celebrating the beautiful intricacies of the female form. We’re not just talking bodies, but rather everything that makes a woman feel like a woman. The things about herself and who she is that make her feel empowered. Her mind, her friendships, her passions, her confidence, her ability to self-reflect and be kind to others.

That’s why we sat down with five of the most inspiring women we know to talk about the secret sauce to feeling self-assured in your skin and in your body. And of course, we had to play dress up.


“Female empowerment to me definitely starts with yourself. It’s understanding that all of us have a power within us, and when you find your power you’re able to see the power in other women. We’re better together and stronger together.”



“What makes me feel sexy and confident definitely has to be what I am wearing. I have to be very comfortable in my outfit, I got to show out a little bit and feel comfortable in my own skin.”



“What makes me feel the most confident and sexy is probably when I am in my most introspective points of my life, where I can really just know who I am and feel ultimately confident from that.”



“My mother definitely shaped my life and made me who I am today. She is very sensitive, kind, and soft and I can definitely be the same way, so I am thankful for her.”



“What makes me feel my sexiest and most confident is dancing. I love dancing in the mirror. I love taking dancing classes and just trying new things and really getting in touch with my creativity.”