The Stitched Together campaign is the common thread that ties together an iconic brand and youth culture through the medium of Stitch.

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From the West Coast to the East Coast and across the pond, we tapped three independent artists to view our Iconic Stitch through their lens. First up, Tony Su, a native LA artist.

Meet The Artist ∙ Los Angeles

Tony Su

With this campaign I wanted to convey 2 different angles. One being from the perspective of the restaurant owner/chef. Putting the focus on service. I wanted to highlight the work we all put in, the long days, to have this one intention in mind, for all that we do to be "crafted with pride". I chose to highlight that in select campaign photographs and the campaign video.

The second being the consumers. I wanted to capture more of a warm tone. Something fun, carefree, the pure enjoyment from food and each other's presence. Ultimately, the environment that every restaurant owner aspires to create.