That Cali Lifestyle with Kayla & Justus

Our favorite couple is back to take us and our 20th Anniversary Collection for a ride through OC. Kayla Manning & Justus Tucker are an LA-based couple that have been rocking with True Religion for some time now, so we thought it was time to check in with them and find out why.

2022 marks our 20th Anniversary. So tell us, what’s your favorite memory of True Religion? 

My favorite memory of True Religion is doing the Go Figure Campaign shoot and meeting all the amazing people I worked with. 

The jeans from our recent drop represent the OG colors that inspired our original aesthetic. How do the colors blue and red make you feel? 

The colors are definitely giving early 2000’s! I really feel like the colors add that extra detail needed to bring an outfit to life. 

Tell us about your recent trip. What makes California worth exploring?

Cali is my home, born and raised! So to me it’s all about finding new spots & new areas to do things. There’s so much to do in Cali and so many great places to eat (which is my favorite thing to do).

No matter the destination, there’s always something to see and remember. So, from your experience, why is it important to capture special moments?

It’s always important to capture special moments because it makes you look back and remember those times. I love fashion and scents so when I look back on memories I can always remember exactly what I wore that day and the perfume I was wearing. 

What are your top 5 travel essentials? 

• Perfume
• Tripod
• Air Pod Max
• Sunglasses To Style My Looks
• IPad

"I really feel like the colors add that extra detail needed to bring an outfit to life."

You and Justus are no strangers to the brand, and we love seeing you out and about in True. How will you continue to stay true to yourselves? 

We continue to stay true to ourselves by keeping God first, showing gratitude, & continuing to do what makes US truly happy and fulfilled. 

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